Appreciation Dinner


Omega Walnut, Inc. kicked off its fourth season with a grower appreciation dinner on August 27th 2015 at the Orland, CA facility.

 The evening was an opportunity to thank those that worked towards making the plans for the facility become a reality; the owners, growers and business partners all played a vital role in the initial success of the operation.

The evening started out with a social hour, followed by dinner and homemade ice cream dessert.  It was also an opportunity to provide information to our growers. Omega Walnut, Inc. has built over the last 3 years, programs and procedures for ensuring that food safety and quality excellence are obtained with each and every lot of product that is received, processed, and shipped out of our facility. Quality product is one significant key factor to utilizing and maximizing the full benefit of this program and certification. Omega Walnut, Inc. also shared its new additions of the laser equipment at the half-line, USDA Fumigation Chamber Certification, product cold storage capabilities, and the dicing/chopping line. These updates are what set Omega Walnut, Inc. apart from competitors. 

Those in attendance met the Omega Walnut Team Members and heard from Sales and Marketing Manager Tim Merrill about current walnut market trends both domestically and internationally:

“Despite the challenges we have faced as an industry with the recent port issues and increasing supply concerns, one very positive aspect continues to stand out, and that is simply, the world wants a lot of walnuts, and they prefer California Walnuts.” –Tim Merrill

It’s a great time to be involved with the walnut industry and the Omega Walnut Team continues to expand and develop along with the crop and industry at large. After three successful seasons of receiving and processing, Omega is looking forward to expanding its storage capacity and processing technologies and capabilities.

Stay tuned for more information coming up in our next Appreciation Dinner!

Frank Espinoza

Spartacus 5, 125 West 3rd Street, Chico, CA, 95928, United States