Industry Outreach

California’s Walnut Industry is frequently growing, changing, and coping with the state’s population and environment.


In order to stay up to date with these alterations, Omega Walnut, Inc. participates in vital programs and certifications. 

Omega Walnut, Inc. is a proud member of DFA’s Red Seal Certification Program. Our Red Seal certified walnuts are guaranteed to provide the buyer with exceptional food quality and safety verification. DFA “Red Seal Members” assure customers are receiving product that has been handled, produced, packaged, and stored under a safe-food environment. 

Omega Walnut, Inc. is honored to be a participant of the International Nut and Dried Fruit Council (INC). The INC is the international source for information, research, and support for Dried Fruit and Nuts and provides up to date industry statistics, international market updates, and future outlooks. 

 Customers within the food industry exponentially create a higher demand for increased food safety and quality. In order to satisfy these needs, Omega Walnut, Inc. prides itself in holding an SQF Level 2 Certification with an excellent rating. The SQF program provides verifiable evidence that food safety control systems are effectively implemented and properly validated.

Frank Espinoza

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