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We're nuts about quality.

Quality products begin in the field with the grower. Omega Walnut, Inc. is committed to finding growers with the best growing practices that lead to the highest quality walnuts. It is our goal to ensure that only superior nuts are sold for complete customer satisfaction.

We are committed to producing the highest quality products possible with today's technology. Our commitment to producing these quality products is the foundation of our company's philosophy and the primary reason we are recognized as "Simply the Best." 


7233 County Rd 24
Orland, CA 95963

Mon - Fri 7am – 5pm

(if we need to get the job done, we work)

(yup, if a walnut is screaming our name, we're there)



Watch the Process

Omega Walnut takes pride in its highly sophisticated machinery and food safety standards. Curious about how we package our product? Feel free to look inside our facility and see a live feed of the process in action at any time.